Strategising Content to Engage the Public

Institute of Policy Studies



The Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) is an institution of the National University of Singapore (NUS). For its Reimagining Singapore exercise in 2021 and 2022, IPS decided to create a pubilc engagement tool to ask the public a question: What sort of a 2030 Singapore would you build?


Public Policy, Game Design


User Research, Workshop Facilitation, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Content Creation

IPS workshop

Strategy Workshops

Over a series of 7 workshops, involving more than 60 experts from a wide range of fields and throughout the world, Reassemble facilitated and supported the creation of an engagement strategy.

Understanding the Questions to Ask

The first stage of each workshop defined an aspect of future Singapore to be presented, and then fanned out into listing possible trends and inflection points.

Narratives and Matrices

Having diverged and converged onto questions, Reassemble then facilitated the creation of narratives from multiple standpoints, from the macro and micro level.


User Research

With the key questions to be asked now decided, our task was to decide how best to present these questions to the general Singaporean public. To do this, we cast the net wide, holding focus groups with different sectors of society to understand their mindframe regarding the future.


Testing and Feedback

The nature of a game presented unique challenges for usability testing - user expectations, needs, and the direction of behaviour were all different when there is no extrinsic motivation to use the tool. Reassemble needed to adapt our testing methodology to ensure that we still got actionable results.

Based on user feedback, we designed an interface and mechanism, based around a radar map, to allow users to track their progress and have a better sense of the ‘big picture’.