Repairing the schools of our nation

Ministry of Education



Nationwide school facilities repairs are run by different contractors, each with their own digital system and administrative process. As a result, MOE has difficulty tracking completed work and quotation claims. Alongside Fonda Engineering, MOE wants to standardise the school facilities maintenance process for all contractors and afford them more oversight.


Education, Facilities Maintenance Management


Stakeholder Interviews, User Flows , UI Design, Prototyping


Scheduled Maintenance - Technician

Filing of Defects in the system based on different areas and categories. The technician will carry out scheduled visual inspection work based on the frequency listed in the pre-determined checklist. Defects identified are filed in the system.


Scheduled Maintenance - Maintenance Team

Maintenance team will follow up on the defects identified by Technicians that cannot be resolved on the spot.


Quotation - Contractor

Contractor will create a quotation in the system, based on both the proposed work to be carried out and defects to be fixed.


Quotation - Managing Agent

MOE's Managing Agent will select a fund to be utilised. They will also review and approve the quotation.

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Claims - Contractor

After the Managing Agent conducts a site inspection, the contractor files a claim in the system.


Claims - Managing Agent

The Managing Agent reviews and approves the claim that the contractor has filed.