The premium dog adventures and sitting service

Paw Brigade



Paw Brigade is the premium dog walking adventures and sitting service. In our design, we integrated instant booking confirmations, bypassing the wait for manual responses. Dog owners can also preview fellow canine companions joining the pack for each session. With transparent pricing, Dog owners will know exactly what they are getting without unexpected costs.


Pet care


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Booking a Session

In our user-centered design for Paw Brigade's booking system, we've tailored the experience to meet the nuanced needs of dog owners. Our interface allows users to select their preferred dog walker, a feature born from understanding the importance of trust and consistency in pet care. We've integrated a transparent view into the 'pack', providing peace of mind by allowing owners to see which other dogs have already booked for the session. For added convenience, we implemented a recurring booking functionality; addressing the needs of busy pet owners seeking regularity. We also have instant booking confirmation: eliminating the friction of traditional communication lags.


Photo and Video Updates

In response to the needs of Paw Brigade's executive clientele, our UX design strategy introduced a dedicated media repository within the service platform. This serves as a centralised gallery where users can browse, view, and download moments from their dog's walking adventures — all without disrupting their day. The repository negates the need for constant notifications and the clutter of messaging apps; catering to the users' preference for an unobtrusive engagement with the service. This design consideration respects the busy lives of the users and allows them to engage with the service on their own terms.