A private bus shuttle service




RushOwl is a startup that aims to bring the convenience of bus shuttle service to the masses by supplementing the buses with their technology. Users can book the buses, check the estimated time arrival (ETA) of these shuttle buses and see where they are in their journey.

More recently, they have launched a new product which aimed to gather more information about users to concierge a faster and more direct bus route, enabled by their new dynamic route matching technology.

Basically, users can indicate interest in the app to get from their home to their workplace at a particular time. Once there are enough users that have indicated interest, the route will be formed and users could enjoy better convenience as well as save time in their daily commute.




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Rush Trail 2

First Time Use Flow

When users launch the app, they are presented with a series of onboarding screens to explain the app‘s features. Next, they are presented with the registration form to create an account. Lastly, users fill up their home & work address so that they can receive their recommended routes generated by the RushOwl system.


Booking Flow

Users can start using the application in various ways. They can check what’s recommended by the system by pulling up the modal. Alternatively, they can type the locations and check if there is a bus route available. By clicking on a route, they will get more information on the bus route. It includes essential details such as the destination stops, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), operating hours, cancellation, boarding instructions and price. Lastly, users can select their mode of payment and their start date(s).