A secure cloud file manager for professionals




sBox is a mobile and desktop solution targeted at corporations to privately store their files in the cloud while allowing their users to manage their own files and share them within the corporation. Basically, you can think of sBox to be a privately-owned Google Drive or iCloud.


IT Services


User Interface Design


Home Screen

Once the user logs in, they will go straight into their root folder. For simplicity sake, we’ve went ahead to populate the view to show all the different file format icons. Since this application will be used by corporations and education institutions, we imagine that the most frequently used icons would be the following: Media (Audio, image, video) Microsoft suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) PDF Code


Modal Popup

The modal pop-up is a non-intrusive, providing a usable way to tap on the most important buttons such as copy, cut, rename and share while the top is filled with details instead of actions.


Custom Snackbar

Users have to know whether the app has registered user actions (copy/cut) and be prompted that it is ready to paste. As such, when a user copies or cut files, there would be a persistent bottom-custom-snacker to indicate their action and their call-to-action (paste).