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We love talking about human-centred design so much that we organise events to do just that. Curious about what UX design is and what it can do for your business? Come join our upcoming events and talk to us.

Upcoming Events

18 Nov 2023
YAC 5 Midpoint Sharing Consult Clinic
Online Via Zoom

Reassemble gives rapid-fire feedback to teams in YAC 5 on their project

Past Events

9 Nov 2023
YAC S5 - MVP and Rapid Prototyping Workshop
Huone Singapore

Workshop to help youths create Minimum Viable Product in Software and Mobile Apps

25 Oct 2023
Outcomes Technical Interview Prep Essentials | UXDI Singapore
General Assembly 79 Anson Rd Singapore

​Outcomes Tech Interview Prep Essentials is our job seeker webinar series designed to offer impactful advice, approaches and practice that empowers you to feel prepared and confident to successfully complete the technical interview employers heavily rely on to assess an applicant's technical skills. These sessions are hands-on practice so participants should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and participate in the challenges and breakout groups delivered in these workshops. It's also an opportunity to meet and network with fellow GA alumni from all over the world.

23 Sep 2023
Science Fiction Design Workshop
General Assembly 79 Anson Rd Singapore

The genre of Science Fiction in literature and media deals with possible realities and the challenges that humankind might face. By applying real design methods to those imaginary challenges, we can think beyond our familiar, immediate needs and develop new and boundary-pushing ideas for the future. In this workshop, participants will be given prompts to invent solutions for potential design problems in the near, mid, or far distant future. Join us in ideating possible futures.

11 Dec 2019
UX and Bagels 8: UX Goals for 2020
Verizon Innovation Centre Managed by JustCo

As 2020 comes around, what are some goals we have for our digital products and services? And how might we come up with better goals? Join Reassemble for a bagel breakfast and a little dive into designing better goals and resolutions for the coming year.

7 Dec 2019
JustCo Better Work Festival: Designing a Better Workplace
JustCo at Marina Square

We spend so much of our lives in our workplaces, so why shouldn't workplaces be a good experience as well? In Reassemble's event for the inaugural JustCo Better Work Festival, we take a look into designing workplaces that promote health and spark joy in workers.

19 Nov 2019
NUS Research Unbound: Understanding Usability
NUS Central library

Digital interfaces become ever more important in our work and daily lives - but they should also be designed with human users in mind. Reassemble and NUS Libraries collaborate to take a look into what qualities and processes make for good usability.

26 Sep 2019
UX and Bagels 7: User Personas
Verizon Innovation Centre Managed by JustCo

Who should we design for? Personas can help us put a name and face onto research insights, and go from abstract ideas into actionable decisions. Join us for bagels, and practice how to create good, useful personas.

14 Aug 2019
Reassemble x Academy Xi: Deep Dive into Research Synthesis
The Executive Centre, Fraser Tower

Organised in conjunction with Academy Xi, this is the third in a series of deep-dive workshops. Here we explore how to use different tools, such as affinity and empathy mapping, to identify patterns in user feedback and better define problems for solving.

1 Aug 2019
Reassemble x Academy Xi: User Research
The Executive Centre, Fraser Tower

Organised in conjunction with Academy Xi, this is the second in a series of deep dives. We explore different techniques for doing user research - contextual inquiry, surveys, and interviews - and how to execute them in a way that gives UX designers the insights they need.

18 Jul 2019
Reassemble x Academy Xi: Research Planning
The Executive Centre, Fraser Tower

The first in a series of deep dive workshops organised with Academy Xi, we look at how to plan user research - from identifying research questions, to building hypotheses that can then be tested with users.

17 Jul 2019
UX and Bagels 6: Usability Heuristics
Verizon Innovation Centre Managed by JustCo

How do we assess the usability of a website in a hurry? Heuristics - rules of thumb, supported by prior research and evidence - provide us with a quick and dirty way. Join us for a bagel breakfast, and explore the benefits - and limitations - of heuristic analysis.

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