Revamping Asia's Leading Medical School

NUS YLL School of Medicine



NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine is a leading medical educational and research institution in Asia. They are looking to revamp their website with the goal of attracting more prospective students and researchers to join the school as well as improving the overall usability of the website.


Medical Education, Research


Heuristics Evaluation , Content Audit, User Research, Information Architecture, Design System Defination, UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing


Revamped Information Architecture

One of our key focus was to enhance the user experience through a refined information architecture. We reimagined the website’s mega menu to cater intuitively to diverse user groups, each with distinct needs and goals. By simply hovering over each tab, users are now presented with a comprehensive array of options tailored specifically for them, streamlining their journey to the desired information. This intuitive design ensures that every user can swiftly and effortlessly navigate to the section they require, reflecting our commitment to delivering user-centric solutions that not only meet but anticipate user needs.


Intuitive Navigation

We prioritised accessibility to crucial information for prospective students. A prominently placed banner greets visitors with the essential details at first glance: the application deadline and a direct link for portfolio submission. Complementing this is a thoughtfully structured secondary navigation, designed to demystify the admissions journey. It's bifurcated into two key segments – 'Pre-Admissions Information' and 'Admissions Process' – each one guiding applicants through the steps in a clear and coherent sequence. Our design philosophy hinges on reducing information overload and simplifying navigation, enabling students to approach their application process with clarity and confidence